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Urban and Sustainable Design

tempe transportation center

A DYE DESIGN established the basic design premise for this multi–award-winning Platinum LEED-certified transit plaza as “the intersection of the desert and the city”, with a multi-disciplinary team and artist Lorna Jordan. The design interprets the desert geology of Tempe Butte onto the plaza hardscape and with the plant materials. The firm designed the green roof and in addition, the adjacent light rail station near the ASU campus.

camelback pedestrian underpass and streetscape
  • Camelback Pedestrian Crossing Underpass
  • Camelback Pedestrian Crossing
  • Camelback Stair Detail

This multi–award-winning project, built in 2007, is the completion of A Dye Design’s committed nine-year effort, from initial master planning to construction administration. The firm’s design role included site design, undercrossing aesthetics, Biltmore and Esplanade streetscape frontage, shade analysis, and public/stakeholder facilitation. Artist collaboration in pedestrian tunnel: Roberto Behar and Rosario Marquardt.

phoenix convention center

A DYE DESIGN, the Landscape Architect of Record, was responsible for the hardscape, landscape, and furnishings for plazas and streetscapes. The project included incorporating artist elements, living wall, and over structure planting. A DYE DESIGN also completed the construction observation.

central station
  • Central Station Canopy View
  • Central Station Crescordia
  • Central Station

In the heart of Downtown Phoenix located between north and southbound Light Rail Station, A DYE DESIGN re-visioned the 1.5 acre site known as Central Station for the City of Phoenix with ART Architects. The theme of Reuse, Readapt, and Recycle was our design mantra. This award-winning 2012 project achieved an equivalent LEED Gold for Existing Building, Operation, and Maintenance (EBOM). The design recycled existing materials, emphasizes shade, reduces heat absorption, and specified permeable pavements. It features LED in-pavement lighting to aid nighttime wayfinding as well as permanent seating.

METRO light rail transit (phoenix/tempe/mesa)

A DYE DESIGN completed site planning and construction documentation for all 22 center street, side street and split-station platforms, 14 Traction Power Substations, 7 Signals buildings, and 5 Transit Centers. ADD was the Landscape Architecture Coordinator with each line section station finish architects, landscape architects, and artists, as well as park & ride, substation, and transit center engineering consultants.

phoenix municipal courts

In an effort to create shade in downtown Phoenix, Angela together with Brad Goldberg, artist, introduced a Mesquite bosque plaza on nearly one-acre in front of the Phoenix municipal courts building.

walsh courthouse

General Services Administration, Pacific Rim Region. Developed streetscape elements for Broadway Boulevard and Scott Avenue with hardened security (moderate risk) consistent with Downtown Tucson guidelines on a National Register of Historic Places (1983) neoclassical building (1929). Total cost of project: $8,817,000.00. Rededicated November 2008.

west fifth street enhancement and traffic calming

The first of its kind in Tempe, Angela’s design helped pave the way for project types like this in the Valley. This project features pedestrian improvements and enhancements to a one-mile section of a busy and multimodal street connecting neighborhoods to downtown and ASU.