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Urban and Sustainable Design

A DYE DESIGN believes that a successful community is one that will provide comfort, amenities, and economic viability to its occupants and future occupants. We believe sustainable design is integral to accomplishing “people environments,” and we collaborate with stakeholders and other designers to ensure inspiring designs that contribute to their urban ecologies. To do this, we must consider both the spaces and the systems the community functions within. Our work takes us across the country and our services include:

  • Designs and standards for walkable and economically vibrant urban cores
  • Urban or district character enhancement
  • Durable and efficient maintenance standard documents for public areas
  • Security design for sensitive sites and buildings
  • Creative context sensitive solutions for public open space
  • Creative programming and design for pedestrian-friendly areas and sites
  • Collaboration with public artists
  • Creative and ecologically sensitive streetscape design
  • Collaboration with and support of public facilities